Hello and Welcome

Hey guys, so I’m Saff. I’m trying, ONCE AGAIN, to get my weight and life under control, and this is the place where I’m going to blog about it.

I make Youtube videos, and watch a bunch, and one person who I watch a lot is Shay Carl. Now Shay is working to lose some weight over the next little bit, and he’s got a very inspiring channel called Shayloss.

He’s set a goal to lose weight over the next month and be down 40 lbs by March 5th. I’ve decided that I need to have a goal for taking my life back and I’ve made March 5th my goal date as well. For that day I want to be down at least 5 lbs and have maintained that weight or lost more.

No more bungie cord where I bounce back up to 160, no more going back to old habits. I’m bound and determined to getting back into shape, eating healthy, working on my mental state and overall getting my life back.

I’ll go further into what this means for me in future blogs. Until then, I am keeping a food journal, reading Boundaries, and 48 Days to the Work you Love, and going to the gym regularly.

It’s baby steps but every step is a step closer.


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