The good and bad of experimenting

So, I’ve mentioned before that I am a very picky eater.  I like my food to taste a certain way, have certain textures, and not be parsnips!!! This means that I like the food I grew up with. Unfortunately, I can’t EAT the food I grew up with and not gain weight.

So I’ve started experimenting.

Earlier this week I made a quick oatmeal dish to last me for breakfasts by cooking up the oatmeal, throwing in some frozen berries, some maple syrup, and some chia and pumpkin seeds. It’s pretty good, but I don’t like the pumpkin seeds in there. Too much crunch when I just want to enjoy my oatmeal. So next time I’ll leave those out.

I also made a Quinoa dish, using whatever I could find in the house, terrified it would be a flop and that it was all I would have for lunches.

I cooked up the quinoa, tossed in some frozen turkey from Easter, grabbed some homemade pesto that I’d tossed into the freezer last summer, tossed in some cajun spice to give it a bit more of a kick, and at the last minute decided to throw in some peas to give it a bit of veg.

All told it actually ended up quite delicious! I think next time I try this I’ll see if I can’t make fresh pesto, I think it lost some of it’s flavour in the freezer, and cut back on the cajun… I… may have dumped too much in…

I never said I was a good cook!

So this was a good as far as experimenting went, however, there have been bads.

Like the time I tried to cut back on the sugar in my chocolate chip cookies and ended up with basically just chocolate chip bread… wasn’t that good. Or when I really mess up my spices and the dish is inedible…

This is why I use recipes, someone has done the experimenting for me, I know they’re likely to work (unless there’s parsnips in it) and I hope for the best as I work my way through.

The other issue is though, every person in my house has allergies. I’m allergic to Grapes (and anything made with/of) and pork, Hubby’s allergic to mustard, Roomie is allergic to Shellfish, and Roomie’s fiancé, who’s over enough that she counts, doesn’t eat gluten (she’s not allergic, but she’s not eaten it for about 2 years now).

This means that with almost any recipe I need at least a little bit of experimentation. Now I’ve managed to find substitutes for almost anything with grapes or pork, but mustard and shellfish, you just kind of have to leave out. There’s no alternate.

Gluten is touch and go too. I try using spelt flour (she can eat that), but it doesn’t behave the same as wheat flour so I’m never sure about proper substitution with it or how to fiddle with measurements…

It’s a lot of learning, I’m enjoying some parts of it, but I’d like to know that when I have company over, everyone can eat, and no one has to worry about getting sick.

Tomorrow I may write about the difficulties of living with allergies, I’m constantly amazed by how little tolerance there is for allergies even today, and I’ve got a bunch to say about it.

Now to go try to make something delicious… wish me luck.


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