Hello, I’m Saff, and I am (once again) trying to take control of my life and getting onto a healthy life path. This means mentally, career wise, physically and spiritually, I am attempting to make a full on overhaul of my life to get from where I am, to where I want to be.

I’m 28 years old, I’ve been married for 1 year, and I live in Canada, where we have a lot of snow for 7 months of the year making exercize outside difficult.

The title of this blog comes from a video put on Youtube by ShayCarl, in it he talked about getting his life back and the method for it. That little by little, with Time and Pressure, we can achieve our goals, just like the wall in Shawshank Redemption was chipped away allowing an inmate to escape.

One of my issues with blogging is that I always try and write for other people, my supposed audience that I will one day get. Then with all the pressure of trying to be witty, or entertaining for an audience that isn’t there, I give up, so this time I’m keeping this blog for me, and not worrying if anyone sees it. This is just to put my thoughts and plans in one spot so I can come back and see where I am.

Thanks for checking this out!

My beautiful header was made by my friend Jenn (THANKS JENN!!!!)


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